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“ It’s not about IDEAS, It’s about making IDEAS HAPPEN ”

We Know What Works

We teamed up in 2013. Our similar work ethic and complimentary skills meant we were at home as a team. We develop a philosophy “Vision, Action, Passion”. This would shape the future landscape of IDENTIDESIGN. We only deliver highly creative, custom work, no matter the size of the client.

We always provide value for money and pride ourselves on excellent customer service, the kind you would expect from a modest family business. With a determination of success, we have built a diverse client list
from local family businesses to internationally renowned brands. We’ve had the opportunity to apply our knowledge and expertise to a wide range of industries. Our team is growing, and it’s important that each new member of the “Big Family” share’s our passion, determination, and maintains our level of quality control and client services.

Best Quality

Our creative team are young talented designers and many years of experience. This is our passion. we prove how graphics are one of the most powerful weapons in marketing today.

Time Guarantee

We are helping you to find the best solution you need for you business.

Affordable Price

We offer you the best quality custom design at an affordable rate.

Our Team

Our recipe for success is simple,“ work hard and love what you do ” We work closely with our clients and achieve outstanding results together. Contact us and share your ideas over a coffee with our team.


Founder & CEO

Harijanto Ratana

Founder & CCO

Ade Chandra

Head Of Digital


Project Manager



Head of Design


Senior Creative Director


Graphic Designer


Operations Director



Finance Director

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